A Border Odyssey by Parrish W. Jones, Ph.D.

For 20 years, I've been traveling to the border, working with immigrants at home wherever that happens to be at the time, working with groups to promote better understanding in the nation about our southern neighbors and those who have come to live and work in the U.S. Much that I have done has been with Presbyterian Border Ministry at Frontera de Cristo, one of six sites of PBM. I have also visited and become acquainted over the years with Pueblos Hermanos and Compañeros en Misión.

    While volunteering last Spring at FDC, I spoke with a few persons whom I met in 1992, my first actual visit to the border. These persons were involved from the beginning with FDC and PBM. It dawned on me that they were getting old, not just older, and several persons I had met back then had actually died. I thought, someone has to do something to assure that what they know and experienced with PBM is captured. Thus the idea for this book: "Presbyterians on the Frontier".

    To do justice to all six sites, the Mexican and U.S. people who have been engaged in PBM, and show how this ministry of the Presbyterian church has practiced and honed the ideals of bi-national mutual mission I will have to travel the length of the border, learning, interviewing, seeing and learning. I will also have to interview dozens of people, which will demand additional travel. This site is designed to share my odyssey with you.

    Along with Facebook and Twitter, I hope to stay in touch and between us, we can grow in our understanding of the U.S./Mexico border and the ministry of the Presbyterian Churches of Mexico and the U.S. along that border. Maybe, you'll even be moved to contribute to my work since my plan is for the proceeds of book sales to benefit PBM.

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