Presbyterians on the Frontier Videos and Photos

Presbyterian Border Region Outreach President Rev. John Nelson

Frontera de Cristo:


       Welcome by Mark and Miriam Adams and Jocabed Gallegos

Pueblos Hermanos


       Welcome and Introduction by Rev. Enrique Romero and Rev. Francisco Joachín

Pasos de Fe


       Introduction by Rev. Mercedes Romo Castro

       For information about Pasos de Fe, contact

Proyecto Amistad

       Slide Show    

       Invitation from the Medina Family

       Introduction to Amistad by Elder Roberto Medina

Compañeros En Misión

         Slide Show 

         Introduction and Invitation by Dr. Jorge Pazos



          PBM History, Goals, and Organization (Includes organizational Charts)

          A New Relation in Joint Mission (National Presbyterian Church of Mexico)

          Presbyterian Border Region Outreach (Mission Statement and Plan)

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