Leaving Home

I am ready to go, almost. Classes are over, exams graded, grades submitted, and I'm packed as far as I can be.

It's been great tohear from so many who read the article in the local paper about my trip and said they'd be watching for my progress. So here it begins.

Friday, tomorrow, AM I will be leaving at 6 Am I hope. My first day I hope to make New Orleans to spend a few days in that historic city. All should go well. My motorcylce is tuned up and serviced. I have a new tire on the back, A friend who is an excellent welder made me a luggage rack for my suitcase. It's a bute.

I appreciate my daughter, Celese and granddaughter, Savannah, who'll be staying with Mom for the two months. I also want to thank Deacon Cathy Upchurch fro dropping some meals by so Celese will not have to be chief cook also. Many have offered to lend a hand.

I have a host of envious motorcyclists following me. Seems all motorcyclists dream of making such a trip. SO here I go.

Pleas keep me in your prayers.

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