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I left Tucson early in the morning in cool weather with the expectation that by the time I got to Yuma it would be hot. Not so! In fact, I was plenty cool all day and stopped  as I was assending the mountains on the California border and added clothing. …



I drove the scenic route from Agua Prieta to Nogales. Actually, there are only a few ways of getting between the two cities. All are scenic and the Border Patrol has become a part of the scenery. When you go through their check points, it is clear being an anglo gives one privilege.

Santa Fe to Agua Prieta

Las Vegas MX - 3

I took a detour of sorts to Santa Fe for a few days. Plans were to leave Juarez for Phoenix on May 12 and fly on the 13th to North Carolina to attend a celebration of Mission with Mexico at Montreat. The Celebration was canceled, so I went to Santa Fe where I stayed with Erik Mason, an elder at Westminster PC and a friend from Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and the Colombia Accompaniment Program. …

Juarez 2

Pasos de Fe: Roberto Medin and Family

In Juarez 1, I wrote about the poverty. The poverty in Juarez does not stop at the doorway of the manse. As John Nelson, pastor of University Presbyterian Church in El Paso, president of PBM and member of the binational committee of Pasos de Fe, told me, "A point of pain and concern is that my colleagues (the pastors) in Juarez are all poor."

Juarez 1


Those of us who live in the U.S. think of Juarez as the center of violence in the world, yet I have been here four days and only seen policemen on motorcycles and, finally, yesterday an army patrol. I have also seen no signs of the violence, and still everyone here talks of the violence as of great concern for several reasons: 1. …

Piedras Negras

Community center Piedras Negras

When Proyecto Amistad began, it was located in Piedras Negras a piece up river from Nuevo Laredo where originally there was a ministry called Laredos Unidos. In 2006 the two ministries were united into one. Yesterday (Wednesday, May 2) we visited Piedras Negras where we saw the buildings that once were the center of activity for Proyecto Amistad and we visited families who were involved with the ministry or aided by it.

Nuevo Laredo 2

Club Amistad 1

Life in this part of Mexico seems quite peaceful, but under the surface not so much. Violence is a targeted affair, meaning that violent acts are not generally aimed at the general population but at other criminals or army. …

Nuevo Laredo 1

Public Park Nuevo Laredo 2

On Thursday I had two interviews. The first was with an layman in First Presbyteran Church, San Antonio, RIck Lane. Rick's family owned a large furniture company based in Alta Vista, VA. I think he is a hyper active Christian. …

San Antonio


This will not seem very exciting as the purpose of working here is to interview Micaela Reznick who has been serving as a Funds Development Director for PBM for 5 years and to research PBM archives. I've already found some important documents. …

New Orleans 3


Sunday AM in the Big Easy is quiet. Of course, all night it was rowdy. I couldn't stay up late so I was up pretty early. I went out taking photos I'll post later of things I learned about on the walking tour. I worked my way over to a place I thought I wanted to eat breakfast only to find it closed. …

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