New Orleans 2

Woke up to rain. Looked at the weather map and it looked as if there was a tropicl storm circulating around NO. So it rained off and on all morning and into the afternoon. I bought a ticket for the Natchez steam ship tour which was fun. Met some interesting people: a group from Switzerland who spoke a "beet auv Eengleesh" (can't quite get the inflection and I'm not making fun I love hearing accents), and then I met a woman and her daughter from lower East Side of Manhattean who knew the area in which my friend Margaret McColgan lived from 1922 until she retired in 1970 and worked as one of the first professional early childhood educators as the community chaged from upper class white, to black, to jamaican, to haitian, back to Black then to miiddle class. Margaret taught me nore about children than I could have ever learned from a book. She died at 94. 

I then took a walking tour with a historian of the French Quarter. It was supposed to be a group, but was a group so it was more personal. He realized I was interested in architecture so he porpbably told me more of that than a group would have gotten. It was cloudy so not great for photography. It'll be windy today, but sunny so I'll take photos.

It's odd who you meet and the interesting conversations you have. I can't quite get excited about the bar scene and strip clubs have no allure. So I went to Royal Street after having incredible stuffed shrimp at Deanies Seafood. I went through several galleries and met an older man who is a doctor from Paducah, KY. He was surprised I knew of it until I told him that my parents were from Lexington and just south of Cincinnati. (Kentucky is just south of Cincinnati). So we looked at art and talked a bit.

Then I listened to Latin Jazz for an hour. That was great but also heard all manner of music as I wolked around today.

© Parrish Jones 2011