New Orleans 3

Sunday AM in the Big Easy is quiet. Of course, all night it was rowdy. I couldn't stay up late so I was up pretty early. I went out taking photos I'll post later of things I learned about on the walking tour. I worked my way over to a place I thought I wanted to eat breakfast only to find it closed. Same thing happened at supper. Bad luck.

I got some great photos with good light. 

After breakfast I wandered a lot, looked for a sweatshirt without a hood. Couldn't find one. Can't wear a hooded anything under my motorcycle jacket. 


I did visit the casino. Lost $3.00. Figured that was all Harrah's deserved from me. Anyway by 2:00 PM I was way behind the curve on drinking for the Big E so I walked over to river walk where I bought a beer and had a nice conversation with a neurologist from Colorado (big medical conventions going on). 

I walked around a bit more then to the restaurant where i wanted to get a Muffalleta sandwich developed in New Orleans by the Italians. I did get one just at another place. They are huge and out of sight good. They are even pretty (see Photo).

I wandered around listening and enjoying the street performers. One group had a guitar, banjo, clarinet, washboard and two singer dancers playing jazz. They were outstanding in two ways: in the street and reall good music. At one point a wedding came down the street in parade fashion, a custom here, with police escort, band and bridal party. As they approached, the group I was listeing to joined in the music. Once the party had passed, the group reaaranged and went back to playing.

Went a little farther down the stree to find an Asian woman and an African American man doing classical music. She played a violin and he a guitar. They were incredible. She was able to play with feeling and talk to passers by. Now that's being good.

© Parrish Jones 2011